1. 17 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      Fixes inconsistent whitespace · 426eea5e
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      Adds makecert detection for different WDK versions. · 10ea9a77
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      Windows 10 WDKs need something like this, since multiple versions can exist side by side, unlike previous kits. Currently this should work for Windows 8, 8.1, and 10 WDKs (Windows 7 WDK has a different structure with a different registry key, but support could be added if needed).
      NOTE: makecert.exe is deprecated, and should be replaced withNew-SelfSignedCertificate commandlet from pkihelper module (with its own caveats: limited functionality before Win 10, and requires PS 3.0+)
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      Fixes GPG4Win installation. It's not a portable install but modifies the... · e706ef19
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      Fixes GPG4Win installation. It's not a portable install but modifies the system registry, so I've removed the custom installation directory (otherwise deleting qubes-builder will leave a mess).
      Reorders git tag verification to occur immediately after cloning qubes-builder.
      Acquires dev keys from qubes-os.org as an extra validation step, rather than using the ones inside qubes-builder.
      Speeds up script by eliminating redundant copy/moves, extracting windows-prereq files directly into place.
      Updates MinGit and GPG4Win packages to latest versions.
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  3. 15 Jun, 2019 1 commit
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      Adds check for .NET TLS support and enables extensions if necessary. · a7712159
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      This is necessary on Windows 7 SP1 with .NET 3.5, which by default only has Ssl3 and Tls (1.0) enabled, but many websites have disabled those insecure protocols. HTTPS downloads can't complete without enabling the new protocols, which is possible after Windows hotfix kb3154518.
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